Carlo's Bakery

Cake-Related Questions

» Do I need to book a consultation?

Classes & Events

» What if I have food allergies?

» What if I need to cancel my reservation?

» Will we be able to meet the cast of “Cake Boss”?

» Is there a minimum age requirement?

» Do you have group rates?

Grab & Go Online Pick Up

» What is the cancellation policy if I pre-order but I cannot make it in to pickup?

» Do you deliver?

» If I pre-order and I arrive at the bakery but there is a long line outside, do I get priority access into store or do I have to wait on line?

» If I have family members with me, will they also receive priority access?

» What if I need to add items to my order when I arrive to pickup? Do I need to wait on line again?

» Where do I pick up my Grab & Go order in the store?

» What are the acceptable forms of payment for Carlo’s Bakery Grab & Go?

» How will I know my order has successfully been placed?

» I have allergies. How will I know which items are safe to order?

» What if I want to change the time to pick up my order?

» I'm not finding exactly what I'm looking for on the website, how can I go about placing a custom order?

» Where can I find the nutritional information for the items listed?

» What should I present a team member with to verify my order when I come to pick up?

» When do I pay for my orders?

» How do I use promo codes for Grab & Go?

» Grab & Go doesn't let me select a pick up time for today. What if I need to order something today?

Food Allergies

» Do your products contain nuts?

» Are you a gluten-free environment?

La Famiglia

» I'm planning a trip to one of the bakeries. Can I meet Buddy?

» Can I get an autographed image of Buddy?