Specialty Platters

Kick Off The Party With Carlo's!

From holiday gatherings to office luncheons, our dessert and pastry platters are perfect for every occasion. All trays all made fresh to order, so you know your crowd will be happy (and full).



Breakfast Tray

Piled high with an assortment of crumb buns, pecan, cheese and crumb danish, this breakfast platter is sure to be a hit for every gathering.

Assorted Cookie Tray

An assortment of cookies you just can’t resist. Peanut butter, double chocolate with white chips, M&M, chocolate chip cookies.


Cannoli Platter

Our famous cannolis, both original and chocolate, generously filled with our traditional cannoli cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Lobster Tail Tray

Flaky puffed pastry filled with a decadent French cream and a touch of Bailey’s Irish Cream to add to its richness.

Biscotti Tray

Our biscotti tray is an assortment of vanilla almond, vanilla hazelnut, cherry pistachio, chocolate almond, chocolate pistachio, chocolate hazelnut and anisette.